Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Big Girl Dress Form

I don't know what decade this mannequin is from, but I found it interesting how sample size forms have changed over the years. Currently it is size 8, which really translates into size 2* in the store. However, this was size 40 [today size 40 is maybe a large 4]! She was busty, hippsy [if that's a word - to have large hips] and beautiful in the eyes of the beholders. Sadly this form is battered and falling apart....Some TLC could really spruce her up :)

*USA sizes

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fabric Manipulation - 1 of 9

I have been experimenting with fabric manipulation. Specifically, gathering to create volume. In the next couple of posts I plan to show the patterns and their outcomes.


Mark the the guidelines on your fabric, then use gathering stitch. When all finished pull the ends of the threads.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Alexander McQueen Spray Paint Dress vs My Dress

I figured, why not try it? Made the dress out of muslin. It's basically a really long circle skirt. The difference is that my belts are not leather, and of course I didn't have an auto painting robot or the huge petticoat to lift it all up...ok I didn't have a lot [I made this dress in 2 hours]. But it was still fun, and I think it came out pretty...but you can be the judge.

Note...I do wish this had a running/drippy look, but unfortunately spray paint doesn't run as well as as i hoped. So instead it came out as an amateur spray paint hour. But still fun...
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