Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Finally or Making of the Red Dress Part 3.

The fabric is finally ready. Design has been sketched, dress has been draped in muslin and pattern has been finalized. Of course one hopes to have to make only one muslin version, and somehow it all magically works. This was not the case...I had to do the dress twice in muslin to make sure it hits at all the right spots, has the most flattering shape and feels great on. My model? Busty :) One must show off the assets, but not fall out at the same time. And this is where the inside of the dress comes in  with its corseted foundation reinforced by seven boning strips of varying sizes. Seven, I feel, is the perfect number. Less is loose, more makes it look like you're wearing armor. Internal gross grain belt, so the dress perfectly sits on the waist. Additionally, it’s fully lined. And the shell? The most awesome red cotton organdy! And  don't  forget 1200 hand sewn seed beads that  took only twenty hours to attach [some blindness was incurred in the process...hmmm]. Oh and the bow, let's not forget the bow -- detachable, so you make a dramatic entry, then leave it at coat check so dancing can go on.


  1. Beautiful dress, I'm surprised to find out the bow is detachable. Very well thought out.

  2. Wow, check out the model - wawaweewa! Showing off the assets but not falling out at the same time, I feel, has been an ongoing dilemma for centuries, and the ultimate answer to the great question, of life, the universe and everything is 7!

  3. Beautiful. Where can a get a pattern for the bow?


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