Monday, May 16, 2011

Fabric Hunting in NY or Making of the Red Dress Part 1

well, I went to NY, literaLLy went to every fabric store. and none of the stores had what I was looking for. in fact when I asked for “cotton organdy“ I was asked what is that?
not sure it’s a good entry, because it’s mostly an annoyed rant. :)
so one seller said, “I don’t have it”
then says, “how much to you need?”
“if you don’t have it, what difference does it make how much i need?”
“well, another guy has it, but he requires to buy a lot”
“need 6 yards”
“well, he’d have to sell 50 yards”
“why don’t you buy the 50 yards, and I’ll get 6 from you…hahaha”
and then the other thing they keep asking is “what color?“    
“what color?! color is irrelevant„ do you have it? show me.”
“how much do you need? “
“can I see it 1st? maybe it’s poor quality! Or not what I even need!”

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  1. Aw, you have got to post more. This would be my daily/weekly dose of fashion fun!


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