Monday, April 16, 2012

"Sew in Love" - Wedding Dress Competition

I am really sorry for my absence as of late. March has been a crazy month for me. But I am pretty sure I am back now.

Last Wednesday I participated in the inaugural "Sew in Love" wedding dress competition. And while I didn't win, I did take second place out of 18 designers. But what's even better is I met a ton of people, made connections, and got lots of compliments from people I have never met. People asked if they could touch the dress--that surprised me! I realized then that the pictures really don't do it justice, and this dress needs to be seen and touched in person. Many if not all of the other dresses were so typical, within the comfort zone of the masses. And perhaps that's why I didn't take first place, but I am all right with that.

My model Irena looked absolutely lovely! Ethereal, and just like an angel. It was a good, good evening! :)

Some pix :)

P.S. The woman from "More Cowbell" has been kissing up to me like it's going out off style. That should be a lesson to always treat everyone with respect, no matter who they are at the moment. You never know, you just never know...

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